Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University
Istanbul Medipol University

Medipol University is one of the top universities in Europe; the University utilizes the latest technologies to serve students and encourage them to reach the highest level in Education and the training.

Medipol University has two campuses, one in Kavacık and the other one located in Haliç. They include well-equipped large classes with the latest visual and audio equipment, Tennis and basketball courts, and entertainment areas for the students and around 50-student club, besides the cinema, theatre, and photography studios.

Haliç Campus located on the European side of Istanbul, and it includes medicine & dentistry, And Kavacık campus situated on the Asian side of Istanbul. It includes Faculties of Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Arts & Literature.

On the other side, Medipol University is one of the top Turkish Universities that is popular with its useful role towards the health majors through Medipol Mega University Hospital that considered as one of the largest health projects in Turkey. It has many departments and medical specializations; it also gives students exceptional opportunities for practical and professional training.


To become a leading University globally and to provide scientific results to contribute to the social development.


To graduate students who can produce new technologies and sciences, as well as to those who can respond to social demands and can take the responsibility of society’s development.

Training in Medipol University

It is part of the Medipol Group for Education and Health, and it considers as a developed center for applied health research. It has played an essential role in the health sector for over 20 years, providing health services in 19 different branches, and it includes:

• Intensive care units
• Six well equipped operating rooms with the latest technologies
• Well-equipped Emergency room
• Genetics Center
• Heart operations Center

In addition to the Medipol Dental hospital, it is one of the largest hospitals in the region and one of the leading health and applied research centers in Turkey. It also offers great training opportunities to Medipol University students who are studying dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, students in traditional dentistry, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry.

Why Medipol University?

• The University includes laboratories with the latest technologies for all majors.
• The University also has a huge library that contributes to improve the quality of education and the students’ mentality, in addition to the University support to the scientific research activities.
• Medipol University includes counseling centers that guide students and provide personal and psychological counseling to them by psychological experts to support students psychologically and socially
• The University includes Applied and Health Research Center with the latest equipment
• Medipol University is an important center for various sports championships
• The University organizes many cultural activities including concerts, photography competitions and other concerts in various student clubs
• The University has a large hall to provide a variety of meals for students from the university kitchen in a healthy environment.



Istanbul European Side


Haliç Campus
Atatürk Bulvarı No:27 Unkapanı 34083 Fatih / İstanbul
Kavacık Campus
Kavacık Mah. Ekinciler Cad. No.19 Kavacık Kavşağı 34810 Beykoz / İstanbul

Bachelor degree

Department Years of StudyLanguage Tuition Fees After Discount
Medicine6Combined (TR) (Eng)23000$19665$
Dentistry5Combined (TR) (Eng)18500$15818$
Civil Engineering4English7000$3000$
Business Administration4English6075$3500$
Economics and Finance4English6075$3500$
International Trade and Finance4English6075$3500$
Management Information Systems4English6075$3500$
International Logistics Management4English6075$3500$
Political Sciences and International Relations4English6075$3500$
Political Sciences and Public Administration4English6075$3500$
English Language Teaching4English6075$3500$
Health Management4English6510$3750$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English6510$3750$
Speech and Language Therapy4English6510$3750$
Healthcare Management4Turkish6510$3750$
Public Relations and Advertising4English6075$3890$
Electrical Engineering and Electronics4English7379$4250$
Biomedical Engineering4English7379$4250$
Industrial Engineering4English7379$4250$
Computer Engineering4English7379$4250$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English7379$4250$
Special Education4Turkish7000$3000$
Communication systems and Information4Turkish7000$3000$
Pre-school Education4Turkish7000$3000$
Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish6075$3500$
Media and Visible Arts4Turkish6075$3500$
Primary Mathematics Education4Turkish6075$3500$
Political Sciences and Public Administration4Turkish6075$3500$
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture4Turkish6075$3500$
Management Information Systems4Turkish6075$3500$
International Trade and Finance4Turkish6075$3500$
International Logistics Management4Turkish6075$3500$
Human Resources Management4Turkish6075$3500$
Banking and Insurance4Turkish6075$3500$
Industrial Product Design4Turkish6075$3500$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish6075$3500$
Gastronomy & Culinary Arts4Turkish6075$3500$
Turkish Music Art4Turkish6075$3500$
Social Services4Turkish6510$3750$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish6510$3750$
Child Development4Turkish6510$3750$
Prosthetics and Orthotics4Turkish6510$4166$
Speech and Language Therapy4Turkish6510$3750$
Radio, Film and Television4Turkish6075$3890$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish6075$3890$
New Media & Communication4Turkish6075$3890$
Civil Engineering4Turkish7379$4250$
Interior architecture and Environmental Design4Turkish7379$4250$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish6510$6510$
Law4Combined (TR) (Eng)9500$8123$
Preparatory School for Medical Department1English11000$11000$

Associate Programs

Department Years of StudyLanguage Tuition Fees After Discount
Associate Of Pathology Laboratory Techniques2English3250$1872$
Associate Of Medical Documentation And Secretary2English3250$1872$
Associate Of Medical Documentation And Secretary2English3250$1872$
Associate of Applied English & Translation2English3250$1872$
Associate of First & Emergency Aid2English3250$1872$
Associate of Anesthesia2English3250$1872$
Associate of Physiotherapy2English3250$1872$
Associate of Radio & Television Programming2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Physiotherapy2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of First & Emergency Aid2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Social Services2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Oral & Dental Health2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Anesthesia2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Pharmacy Services2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Justice2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Logistics2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Finance2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Accounting & Taxation2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Social Security2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Local Administration2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Business Administartion2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Human Resource Management2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Public Relations and Advertising2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Foreign Trade2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Banking & Insurance2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Medical Promotion & Marketing2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Elderly Care2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Medical Laboratory Techniques2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Management of Health Institutions2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Radiotherapy2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Opticinary2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Audiometry2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Occupational Health & Safety2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Electroneurophysiology2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Dialysis2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Dental Prosthetics Technology2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Child Development2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Operating Room Services2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Dental Assisting2Turkish3250$1872$
Associate of Justice2Combined (TR) (Eng)3250$1872$
Associate of Marketing2Turkish2700$2160$
Associate of Justice2English3000$3000$
Associate of Operating Room Services2Turkish3000$3000$