Istanbul Kültür University

Istanbul Kültür University
Istanbul Kültür University

Istanbul Kultur University was established in 1997 by one of the oldest private educational foundations in Turkey the Kültür Educational Foundation (KEV). The University aims to become one of the most successful universities not only in Turkey but also in the European countries; it has also a variety of majors almost 59 departments, 54 Master’s programs, 11 Ph.D. programs, and 2 vocational schools.

Istanbul Kultur concentrates on discussion panels, conferences, and events that raise student’s cultural awareness by letting them discuss and think critically different topics by using different educational and research methods to realize the truth.

Istanbul Kultur University Facilities

  • It has sports clubs that always support and motivate students to participate in its different branches (Athletics – Basketball – Football – Volleyball – Tennis – Swimming – Karate – Camping and Hiking
  • Beach Soccer – Taekwondo and other sports)
  • The University has a well-equipped library with all printed and electronic resources and subject guides
  • The University includes separate dormitories for girls & boys and they are 24/7 secured; each dormitory has its services like laundry, internet halls, and drawing rooms.


To reach the highest standards as well as a good reputation educationally, scientifically and in public services at national and international levels.


To provide a high quality of education besides motivating students to participate in cultural, sports and artistic activities.

Career Opportunities and Alumni Counseling Unit

Istanbul Kultur University preparing students to the business life, therefore it works on their skills through different activities and conferences. Also, it enables the students to work part-time in the University to get work experience and to help them improve their professional as well as communication skills.

Alumni Counseling Unit

The University continues helping its students even after graduation, to make them meet the market needs. Therefore, it mainly focuses on developing student’s mentality and skills to improve the opportunity to find a matching career with each of them. This happens by networking with alumni and updating data.

Student Activities

Istanbul Kultur University supports the importance of student’s participation in any activity or sport that they may be interested in each of them. Therefore, it enables them to get benefit from their free time by having fun while learning new skills or develop it. Besides, activities and sports will allow them to learn how to compete in a good environment with respect to people’s rights.

Student Clubs organize:-

  • Conferences, Discussion Panels, Forums and Seminars that combine between professionals, entrepreneurs and experts in different fields with students to discuss and inquire about how to create and succeed in a career, other inquiries as well
  • Concerts and plays
  • Festivals and Trips
  • Artistic and Sports Events.  



Istanbul European side


Ataköy 7-8-9-10 Mahallesi, E5 Karayolu üzeri, 34191 Çobançeşme / Bakırköy/Bakırköy/İstanbul


Bachelor degree

DepartmentsYears of studyLanguage Fees before discountFees after discount
Foreign Language Teaching4English5800$4610$
Civil engineering4English5800$4610$
International Relations4English5800$4610$
International Trade4English5800$4610$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English5800$4610$
Industrial Engineering4English5800$4610$
Computer Engineering4English5800$4610$
Interior Architecture & Environmental Design4English5800$4863$
Business Administration4English5800$4930$
English Language & Literature4English5800$4930$
Interior Architecture & Environmental Design4Turkish5000$3975$
Communication Arts4Turkish5000$3975$
Communication Design4Turkish5000$3975$
Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish5000$3975$
Civil engineering4Turkish5000$3975$
Art Management4Turkish5000$3975$
Film and TV4Turkish5000$3975$
New Media & Communication4Turkish5000$3975$
Cartoon and Animation4Turkish5000$3975$
Educational Sciences4Turkish5000$3975$
Elementary School Education4Turkish5000$3975$
Business Administration4Turkish5000$3975$
International Trade4Turkish5000$3975$
Mathematics & Computer Sciences4Turkish5000$3975$
Molecular Biology and Genetics4Turkish5000$3975$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish5000$3975$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish5000$3975$
 Majors (Diploma)2Turkish2.900$ 2.550$

Master's degree

MajorsWith/Without ThesisLanguage Fees before discountFees after discount
Master of ConstructionThesisEnglish2.500$2.500$
Master of English Language & LiteratureThesisEnglish3.000$3.000$
Master of StructureNon-ThesisEnglish4.000$4.000$
Master of International RelationsNon-ThesisEnglish4000$4.000$
Master of International Economics & FinanceNon-ThesisEnglish4.000$4.000$
Master of International RelationsThesisEnglish4.800$4.800$
Master of Engineering ManagementThesisEnglish4.800$4.800$
Master of International Economics & FinanceThesisEnglish4.800$4.800$
Master of Business AdministrationNon-ThesisEnglish5.500$5.500$
Master of Business AdministrationThesisEnglish6.000$6.000$
Master of GeomaticsNon-ThesisTurkish2.000$2.000$
Master of Architectural EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish2.000$2.000$
Master of Real Estate DevelopmentNon-ThesisTurkish2.000$2.000$
Master of Structural EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish2.400$2.400$
Master of ArchitectureNon-ThesisTurkish2.400$2.400$
Master of Managerial EconomicsThesisTurkish2.400$2.400$
Master of Earth MathematicsNon-ThesisTurkish2.400$2.400$
Master of Architectural EngineeringThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Management EconomicsNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Mathematics and Computer ScienceThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of PhysicsThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Production EconomyNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master Capital Markets and FinanceNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of GeomaticsThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of ConstructionThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Construction ManagementThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Environmental DesignNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Sports LawNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of UrbanismThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Quality & Production ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Communication DesignThesisTurkish2500$2500$
Master of Molecual Biology & GeneticsThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Architectural History and RestorationThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Art ManagementThesisTurkish2.500$2.500$
Master of Stage DirectingThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Turkish Language and LiteratureThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Quality & Production ManagementThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of European Human RightsThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Interior ArchitectureThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Turkish Language & LiteratureThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Earth MathematicsThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Architecture DesigningThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Film and TelevisionThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of ArchitectureThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of ManagementThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Structural EngineeringThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master of Construction Management TechnologyThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Executive MBANon-ThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Master Capital Markets and FinanceThesisTurkish3.000$3.000$
Executive MBAThesisTurkish3.400$3.400$
Master of Architectral DesignNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Business AdministrationNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of StructureNon-ThesisTurkish3.400$3.600$
Master of Logistics (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisTurkish3.400$3.600$
Master of Educational Science and PlanningNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Occupational Health and SafetyNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Project ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Computer EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish3.600$3.600$
Master of Industrial and Organizational PsychologyThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Geotechnical EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Project ManagementThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Educational Science and PlanningThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Interdisciplinary Innovative ManagementThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Communication ArtsThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Engineering ManagementThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Computer EngineeringThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Architecture DesignThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of StructureThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of European Union StudiesThesisTurkish4.000$4.000$
Master of Geotechnical EngineeringThesisTurkish4.800$4.800$
Master of Private LawNon-ThesisTurkish5.000$5.000$
Master of Business AdministrationThesisTurkish5.000$5.000$
Master of Public LawNon-ThesisTurkish5.500$5.500$
Master of Public LawThesisTurkish6.000$6.000$
Master of Private LawThesisTurkish6.000$6.000$

Ph.D degree

DepartmentsYears of studyLanguage Tuition Fees (Per Program)Fees after discount
Ph.D. in Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Project Management4Turkish4000$4000$
 Ph.D. in Construction4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Mathematics4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Structural Engineering4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Genetics4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Architecture4Turkish4000$4000$
Ph.D. in Private Law4Turkish6850$6850$
Ph.D. in Geomatics4Turkish6850$6850$
Ph.D. in Public Law4Turkish6850$6850$
Ph.D. in Business Administration4Turkish6850$6850$