Istanbul Commerce University

Istanbul Commerce University
Istanbul Commerce University

Istanbul Commerce University (İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi) is one of the top Turkish Universities, established in 2001 by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Education and Social Services Foundation. The University located in Sütlüce and Küçükyalı, they are among the best districts in Istanbul. Istanbul Commerce University has developed on both levels, academically and practically. And because of the continuous support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce to the Istanbul Commerce University, the University’s experiences have been expanded.

Academic & Research life at Istanbul Commerce University

The University includes 6 faculties (Engineering – Business – Law – Communication – Human & Social Sciences – Architecture & Design) In addition to 4 postgraduate institutes that offer various programs for Master’s degree & Ph. D.

The University also has the number of applied and research centers, and they are well-equipped with all new techniques and the needed facilities. Besides, Istanbul Commerce University could have many agreements with other universities, educational institutions under the frame of the Erasmus Program with the aim of providing exchange opportunities to its students.


To become more active in organizing different activities and international events, and to maintain as one of the leading educational institutions in Turkey and all over the world. It also aims to continue its studies to support the information and technology generations who depend on technology in nearly everything, either academically, research, training, or even in entertainment.


To become one of the world universities that follow universal morals and principles. Therefore, Istanbul Commerce University follows creative teaching methods to prepare the students for practical life after graduation.

Campus Life

The University also focuses on cultural and student activities, in this context, it organizes many conferences, discussion panels, and other social events. One of the university’s greatest factors is enabling students to perform on stages, and participate in theaters, concerts, and other festivals, and this shows how the University supports talented students.

Why Istanbul Commerce University?

It considers as one of the top Turkish Universities not only because of its accredited certificates internationally, but it also creates a productive and effective learning environment by providing all facilities and all kinds of assistance to the students.

• The University possesses a psychological counseling and guidance center that helps students to adapt to the University and guide them on how they can make friends while interacting positively.
• The University offers healthcare services to the students as it includes health centers, emergency rooms, and laboratories with high techniques and experienced staff of doctors & nurses.
• It includes over 15 research & application centers with different purposes, like economic, environmental, scientific, engineering, social sciences, and for other purposes.
• It possesses a number of sports courts like tennis courts, basketball, and volleyball courts besides a large swimming pool and walking paths.
• It also has some restaurants and cafeterias where students can enjoy their free time between the lectures while eating their lunch.

Note: The Language of educational programs in Istanbul Commerce University is English or Turkish or Mixed between these two languages, 30% in English and 70% in Turkey.


Istanbul European side


Ornektepe Mah. Imrahor Cad. No: 88/2, Beyoğlu 34445 / İstanbul

Bachelor degree

DepartmentDuration (years)LanguageTuition Fees 
Business Administration4English4000$
Mechatronics Engineering4English4000$
Electrical & Electronics Engineering4English4000$
Finance & Banking4English4000$
Industrial Engineering4English & Turkish4000$
Computer Engineering4English & Turkish4000$
Architecture & Interior Design4English & Turkish4000$
Media & Communication systems4English & Turkish4000$
Political Sciences & International Relations4English & Turkish4000$
Psychology4English & Turkish4000$
Logistics Management4Turkish4000$
International Trade4English & Turkish4000$
Business Administration4Turkish4000$
Management of Civil Aviation4Turkish4000$
Public Relations & Advertising4Turkish4000$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish4000$
Preparatory English Program1English4000$
Preparatory Turkish Program1Turkish4000$

Master's degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition Fees
Master of Business Administration2English3400$
Master of Economics2English3400$
Master of Marketing Management2English3400$
Master of International Finance2English3400$
Master of International Trade2English3400$
Master of Mechatronics Engineering2English3400$
Master of Business Administration2Turkish3400$
Master of Economics2Turkish3400$
Master of Computer Engineering2Turkish3400$
Master of Marketing Managemnet2Turkish3400$
Master of Political Science and International Relations2Turkish3400$
Master of Digital Marketing & Economy2Turkish3400$
Master of Family Counseling & Education2Turkish3400$
Master of Corporate Communication2Turkish3400$
Master of Advertising & Strategic brand Communication2Turkish3400$
Master of Business Administration Analytics2Turkish3400$
Master of Interior Design2Turkish3400$
Master of Realestate Development, Urban Regeneration & Planning2Turkish3400$
Master of Fashion & Textile Design2Turkish3400$
Master of International Trade2Turkish3400$
Master of Global Marketing & Brand Management2Turkish3400$
Master of International Commercial Law & European Union2Turkish3400$
Master of African Studies & International Relations2Turkish3400$
Master of Applied Sociology2Turkish3400$
Master of  Industrial Policy & Technology Managemnt2Turkish3400$
Master of Human Resources Management2Turkish3400$
Master of Logistics Management2Turkish3400$
Master of Media & Communication Studies2Turkish3400$
Master of Accounting & Auditing2Turkish3400$
Master of Private Law2Turkish3400$
Master of Public Law2Turkish3400$
Master of Tourism Management2Turkish3400$
Master of International Banking & Finance2Turkish3400$
Master of Electronics & Communication Engineering2Turkish3400$
Master of Cyber Security2Turkish3400$
Master of Industrial Engineering2Turkish3400$
Master of Cinema2Turkish3400$
Master of Mathematics2Turkish3400$
Master of Statistics2Turkish3400$
Master of Urban Systems & Transportation Management2Turkish3400$
Master of Educational Administration2Turkish3000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)2Turkish3000$
Master of Accounting & Auditing (Distance Learning)2Turkish3000$
Master of Industrial Policy & Technology Management2Turkish3000$
Master of International Banking & Finance (Distance Learning)2Turkish3000$
Master of Applied Psychology2Turkish3000$
Master of Capital Markets2Turkish3000$
Master of Banking2Turkish3000$
Master of International Trade (Distance Learning)2Turkish3000$

Ph.D degree

ProgramsDuration of studyLanguageTuition Fees 
Ph.D. Business Administration4English4700$
Ph.D. In Electronics & Communication Engineering4English4700$
Ph.D. In Political Sciences & International Relations4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Public Relations & Advertising4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Business Administration4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Media & Communication Studies4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Accounting & Auditing4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Private Law4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Industrial Policy & Technology Management4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Marketing Management4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Computer Engineering4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In International Trade4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In International Commercial Law & European Union4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Financial Economics4Turkish4700$
Ph.D. In Banking4Turkish4700$