Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University
Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is located in the center of Istanbul and it established by Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation. The University contributes to international development in different areas including cultural, social and economic. Therefore, it supports the students during their degree and even after graduation by creating a career plan with the career center in the University.


Istanbul Aydin University aims to become one of the best 500 higher educational institutions in the world that enables students to benefit from its academic programs while respecting their diversity as well as cultural backgrounds.


To prepare students with all the needed qualifications for professional life after graduation and improve their skills through researches, activities, and training.

Why Istanbul Aydin University?

• It is one of the leading international Universities in Turkey; it has around 2500 students from over 101 countries. So, the students can benefit from the diversity and welcome students through the Erasmus exchange programs
• Istanbul Aydin University provides many internships during their studies in the institutions that have partnerships with the University. Because it cooperates with 450 global Universities
• The University has well-equipped laboratories, studios, classrooms with smart boards and a huge library with all resources (printed & electronic)
• Istanbul Aydin supports students with both lifelong learning and career development. Therefore, it includes a Lifelong Learning Education Center that assists students through various workshops and courses to improve their practical learning even after graduation. In addition, it has a Career Development Center, that provides a career plan strategy, raising student’s knowledge and improving their skills to higher their job opportunities. 


Istanbul European side


Beşyol Mahallesi, İnönü Cd. No:38, 34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul


Bachelor degree

Department Years of studyLanguage Tuition Fees After Discount 
English language and Literature 4English6000$5000$
Software Engineering 4English6000$5000$
Political sciences and international relations4English6000$5000$
Civil Aviation Management4English6000$5000$
Aviation Management4English6000$5000$
Business Administration4English6000$5000$
International Trade4English6000$5000$
Mechanical Engineering  4English6000$5000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  4English6000$5000$
 Industrial engineering 4English6000$5000$
Computer Engineering4English6000$5000$
Interior Design4Turkish6000$5000$
Teaching Arabic Language  4Turkish6000$2500$
Accounting and Finance Management4Turkish6000$3000$
Psychological Counseling & Guidance4Turkish6000$3000$
Drama and Acting4Turkish6000$3000$
Graphic Design4Turkish6000$3000$
Fashion and Textiles Design4Turkish6000$3000$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4Turkish6000$3000$
Public Relations and Presentation4Turkish6000$3000$
Arts Management4Turkish6000$3000$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish6000$3000$
Radio, cinema and TV4Turkish6000$3000$
TV News & TV Program Making4Turkish6000$3000$
Advertising 4Turkish6000$3000$
Sociology 4Turkish6000$3000$
History 4Turkish6000$3000$
Industrial Product Design 4Turkish6000$5000$
Cultural Affairs and Arts Management 4Turkish6000$3000$
Guidance and Psychological Counseling 4Turkish6000$3000$
New Media and Communication 4Turkish6000$3000$
Turkish language and Literature 4Turkish6000$3000$
Special Education  4Turkish6000$3000$
Physical education and sports 4Turkish6000$3000$
 Teachers in computer science and Teaching Techniques 4Turkish6000$3000$
Preschool Teaching 4Turkish6000$3000$
Food Technology 4Turkish6000$3000$
Turkish Language Teaching 4Turkish6000$3000$
Management Information System 4Turkish6000$3000$
Mathmatics Teaching for Primary Schools 4Turkish6000$3000$
Mathmatics Teaching for Elementary Schools 4Turkish6000$3000$
Sports Management 4Turkish6000$3000$
Training of Pre-school teachers 4Turkish6000$3000$
Drama and Acting 4Turkish6000$3000$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4Turkish6000$3000$
Food Engineering4Turkish6000$4000$
Audiology  4Turkish6000$4000$
Health Management 4Turkish6000$4000$
Nursing  4Turkish6000$4000$
English Teacher Training  4Turkish6000$4000$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4Turkish6000$4000$
Child development 4Turkish6000$4000$
Social Service 4Turkish6000$4000$
Translation and Interpretation (English) 4English and Turkish6000$4000$
Translation and interpretation (Russian)  4Turkish6000$4000$
Textile Engineering 4Turkish6000$4000$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish6000$4000$
Translation and Interpretation (ِArabic) 4Arabic6000$4000$
Cartoon and Animation4Turkish6000$4500$
Finance and Economics4Turkish6000$4850$
Public Administration4Turkish6000$4850$
Mechanical Engineering 4Turkish6000$4850$
Civil Engineering  4Turkish6000$4850$
Mathematics – Computer4Turkish6000$6000$
Diploma courses2Turkish2.700$ 2.160$
Fees for Preparatory yearOne YearEnglish5.025$5.025$
Fees for each level in the Preparatory yearOne YearTurkish300$300$

Master's degree

Department Thesis/Non-ThesisLanguage Tuition FeesAfter Discount 
Master of English Language TeachingNon-Thesis/ThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of Business Management for business managersThesis/Non-ThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of Business AdministrationThesis/Non-ThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of Mechanical EngineeringThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of English Language & LiteratureThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of Political Science and International RelationsThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of Artificial Intelligence Data ScienceThesisEnglish4450$3360$
Master of OrthodonticsNon-Thesis/ThesisTurkish11000$11000$
Master of Local Protective Tooth TreatmentNon-Thesis/ThesisTurkish11000$11000$
Master of Mouth, Teeth and Jaw SurgeryThesisTurkish11500$11500$
Master of PeriodontologyThesisTurkish11500$11500$
Master of Finance and InsuranceThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Human Resource ManagementThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Business AdministrationThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Quality Management Systems and Quality AssuranceThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Local Authorities and Local AdministrationThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Physiotherapy & RehabilitationThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of International Relations and Intelligence StudiesThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Health PhysicsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Accounting and AuditingThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Strategic Marketing and Brand ManagementThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Digital MarketingNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of International EconomicsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
MBA for Business Administration ManagersNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Public Relations & Terrorism ResearchesThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Public RelationsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Performing ArtsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Private LawThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master Public LawThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of AudiologyThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Nutrition & DieteticsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Visual ArtsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Turkish Language EducationThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Elementary EducationThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of PsychologyThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Education program and InstructionThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Higher Education AministrationThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Artificial Intelligence & Data ScienceThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Graphic DesignThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Arabic language & TrainingThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Information Technology LawsThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of SociologyThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of HistoryThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of TV and FilmThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Translation and InterpretationThesisTurkish – Russian4.450 $3360$
Master of Family CounselingThesisTurkish – Russian4.450 $3360$
Master of ArchitectureThesisTurkish – Russian4.450 $3360$
Master of New MediaThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Clinical PsychologyThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Occupational Health & SafetyThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Pre-school EducationThesis – Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Medical MicrobiologyThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Healthcare ManagementThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Computer EngineeringThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Information TechnologyNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of IT Teaching TechnologiesNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Food EngineeringThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Urban DesignThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Local Government and DecentralizationNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Food SafetyThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Architectural DesigningThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Civilization DesigningNon-ThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Mechatronics EngineeringThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
 Master of Mechanical EngineeringThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$
Master of Civil Engineering Construction and Project ManagementThesisTurkish4.450 $3360$

Ph.D degree

Ph.D. in English Language and Literature4English7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Political Sciences and International Relations4English7.600$ 5.360$
Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering4English7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Business Administration4English7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Business Administration4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Psychology and Review4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Accounting & Auditing4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Public Relations & Publicity4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Graphic Design4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Occupational Health and Safety4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. of private Law4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Computer Engineering4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Food Engendering4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. Architecture4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Food Safety4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Audiology4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Physical Education & Sports4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Cinema & TV4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering4Turkish7.600$5.360$
Ph.D. of Prosthetic Dentistry4Turkish  8.000$ for each year  8.000$ for each year
Ph.D. in Endodontics4Turkish  8.000$ for one year  8.000$ for one year
Ph.D. in Orthodontics4Turkish11000$ for one year  11000$ for one year
Ph.D. in Periodontology4Turkish11000$ for one year  11000$ for one year