Istanbul Arel University

Istanbul Arel University
Istanbul Arel University

Istanbul Arel University is one of the Top Turkish Universities in Turkey, it was established in the 18th of May 2007 by Kemal GÖZÜKARA and by the higher educational institution. The University located in the European side of Istanbul. The University has a special ranking in Turkey, it possesses a huge number of academic staff over 736 teaching members with solid experiences.

Istanbul Arel University includes several faculties, vocational schools and institutes such as; Faculty of Health Sciences, Architecture, and Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Fine Arts. And two of the institutes, one for sciences and the institute of social sciences. It is worth mentioning that Istanbul Arel University includes over 20 thousand students from different countries.

Why Istanbul Arel University?

  • The University includes modern classrooms with all facilities needed for the students in different majors, it also has many well-equipped laboratories with all designing and engineering materials and other stuff.
    Distance Learning: Arel University provides the online learning system as there are many students who work during their degrees prefer this kind of education.
  • All Students are allowed to view the syllabus of any major because the University upload majors content on its website.
  • The University motivates all students to conduct research in different fields to achieve scientific & industrial development.
  • The University offers many of the internship opportunities in multinational companies as it agrees with over 2500 companies worldwide, one of them is Mercedes. And the students can receive training certificates as proof of work experience.
  • The University has partnerships with universities in other countries, it highly focuses on Universities in America (US).
  • University students can apply for the Erasmus program.
  • International students can pay their annual tuition fees on two installments.
  • The University includes a fitness Gym and sports courtrooms for tennis, yoga, and other sports.
  • Students have access to use the university’s internet in laboratories and libraries.
  • University library includes around 40 thousand books about different fields.
  • The University assists students to get a job and helps them in writing their CV while planning their life careers after graduation.

Important Note

  • Every student must attend 70% of lectures
  • English and Turkish are the official languages in the University
  • Students who intend to enroll in any of the majors taught in English and don’t possess proof of English proficiency as IELTS Test with a minimum score 6.5 and TOEFL with a minimum score 8, they must study an English preparatory year.
  • Some departments in Istanbul Arel University require students to pass the Aptitude Test, like Graphic Design and Textile & Fashion programs.
  • he University has a number of vocational schools that offer two years’ programs for students who looking for practical experiences.

Accommodation & Transportation

The University has accommodation in the Tepekent district, and there are also separate dormitories for boys and others for girls. All dormitories include comfortable rooms with various sizes, students should know that accommodation fees differ from room to another according to the room size and services provided.

The services provided for all rooms:

  • Washing machine
  • Air conditioner
  • Kitchen
  • First aid equipment
  • Restaurants, food courts, and cafeterias
  • Wi-Fi


The University provides free transportation services from dormitories to the University and vice versa during the week.


Istanbul European side


Türkoba Mahallesi Erguvan Sokak No:26 / K 34537
Tepekent – Büyükçekmece


Bachelor degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Computer  Engineering4English4500$2950$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English4500$2950$
Industrial  Engineering4English4500$2950$
Business Administration4English4500$2950$
International Relations4English4500$2950$
International Trade and Finance4English4500$2950$
Molecular Biology and Genetics4English4500$2950$
Biomedical Engineering4Turkish3500$2300$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish3500$2300$
Civil Engineering4Turkish3500$2300$
Computer Engineering4Turkish3500$2300$
Mechanical Engineering4Turkish3500$2300$
Business Administration4Turkish3500$2300$
Translation and Interpretation4Turkish3500$2300$
Mathematics and Computer Science4Turkish3500$2300$
Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish3500$2300$
Fashion and Textile Design4Turkish3500$2300$
Graphic Design4Turkish3500$2300$
Political Science and Public Administration4Turkish3500$2300$
Film and TV4Turkish3500$2300$
New Media and Communication4Turkish3500$2300$
Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish3500$2300$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish3500$2300$
Industrial Product Design4Turkish3500$2300$
Interior Architecture4Turkish3500$2300$
Child Development4Turkish3500$2300$
Healthcare Management4Turkish3500$2300$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish3500$2300$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish3500$2300$
Social Work4Turkish3500$2300$
Accounting and Finance Management4Turkish3500$2300$
Banking and Finance4Turkish3500$2300$
International Logistics and Transportation4Turkish3500$2300$
Real Estate and Asset Valuation4Turkish3500$2300$
Tourism and Hotel Management4Turkish3500$2300$
English Preparation Program1English3500$2500$
Turkish Preparation Program1Turkish3000$1800$

Master's degree

Department With thesis or notLanguage Tuition Fees After discount
Master of Business AdministrationNon-ThesisEnglish4000$3300$
Master of Business AdministrationThesisEnglish5000$4000$
Master of Accounting and FinanceThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Accounting and FinanceNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Medical PsychologyNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of International RelationsNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Trade and International RelationsNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Fashion and Fashion DesignNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Graphic DesignNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Mechanical EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of ArchitectureNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Hotel ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Hospital ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Accounting and AuditingNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of PsychologyNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Urban Systems EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of Engineering ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish3500$2800$
Master of NursingThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of ArchitectureThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Physiotherapy and RehabilitationThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Graphic DesignThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Fashion and Fashion DesignThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Hotel ManagementThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Urban Systems EngineeringThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of SociologyThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Public Administration and Political ScienceThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Mechanical EngineeringThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Engineering ManagementThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Hospital ManagementThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Accounting and AuditingThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Accounting and FinanceThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of PsychologyThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Medical PsychologyThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of International RelationsThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Trade and International RelationsThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Turkish Language and LiteratureThesisTurkish4500$3500$
Master of Visual and Cultural StudiesThesisTurkish4500$3500$

Ph.D degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
PhD in Architecture4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Mechanical Engineering4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Medical Psychology and Psychology4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Politics and International Relations4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Graphic Design4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Business Administration and Management4Turkish6500$5500$
PhD in Accounting and Finance Management4Turkish6500$5500$