Istanbul - A Tale of Two Continents

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Welcome to Turkey – the land of legends and fairy tales! In each corner of Turkey, you will come across a new way of travel. There are hundreds of natural, and of course historic beauties. It is listed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world & Turkish hospitality will immediately grab you. Turkey’s unique charm lies in its juxtapositions, which come together to create one of the most excitingly diverse countries in the world.

The capital of three great Empires and the city on two Continents, Istanbul is like a heaven waiting to be discovered! A meeting point for the East and the West, the old and the new; Istanbul is bustling, modern, cosmopolitan – yet permeated with the past.

Istanbul is so rich in culture & history that there are too many things to do. The most important characteristic of Istanbul is the fact that there is nothing ordinary. Everything is unexpected and very unique. At every corner, some surprise is waiting for you; good or bad. In Istanbul you have art deco, art nouveau, Seljuk or Ottoman, eclectic or baroque architecture. There is an unbelievable perfect harmony.

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We are also glad to help international students and facilitate their dream to study and live in Turkey, helping them find, apply and study in the university that matches their personal desires and goals. We do not charge any fees for students’ applications in the Turkish universities, it’s totally free.

We are humbled and honored to manage the most popular and engaging online platform based in Turkey with a vast Global Audience. 98% of our Audiences are Global.  “Turkish Dream” has reached millions of people all over the world, attracting over 1 MILLION dedicated & diverse followers in more than 200 countries with an average monthly reach of 150+ Million people worldwide. Mostly from the United States and Europe.

Friends from all around the world are welcome to our garden where everyone is a rose garland spreading happiness & smiles all around by breaking down the barrier of borders.

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